Why your double sided tape or the steel tape won’t stick?

Problems with double sided tapes or steel tape

Each Steel tape in KLAPiT uses one of the strongest adhesives manufactured by 3M, called VHB or ‘Very High Bond’. The 3M VHB adhesive used in KLAPiT has very high peel-off resistance making it perfect for hanging various products on vertical surfaces. However, there can be various reasons for why the adhesive won’t stick properly to your wall or your product. To give you a wonderful drill free hanging experience, we have listed these issues in another blog on “Common errors and issues while using KLAPiT“. In this blog we will discuss one of the biggest issues we have faced while attaching the adhesive tape on a wall or on a product – ‘NOT PRESSING the STEEL TAPE HARD ENOUGH’.

Please watch the video below in which we demonstrate ‘what happens to the adhesion when the steel tape is lightly pressed against a hard surface?’. For the  purpose of demonstration, we use a transparent acrylic to represent a hard surface such as your wall or the product. This is done so you can visualize what’s happening to the adhesive bond between the steel tape and the wall/product.

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