The Ingenious Innovative Double-Sided Tape

The Everlasting need for a reliable solution

Using the old drilling machine and ancient-technology screws to stab through the delicate surfaces of the elegant walls had always been the solitary option for hanging, fixing, installing objects. Nevertheless, once people started getting sick of the unattractiveness, material destruction, inability to hold, head hazards, dust, ruined walls that these pedantic processes complement, there was a need for a paradigm shift in this industry. This unfulfilled need required a breakthrough innovation that helps passionate designers hang pictures, shelves, and other objects with ease.

After this, many well-known companies started introducing products to resolve these countless issues through their products. However, with their new products came newer problems. For instance, Velcro, used in picture-hanging strips, looked highly unattractive on the sophisticated walls. At the same time, adhesive power in the black and white double-sided tapes was too weak to even hold onto a piece of paper, letting aside the fact that they do not even allow for clean removal. Given the exponential rise in consumer problems created due to these flawed innovations, the consumer’s search for a superior, classy, versatile and convenient mounting tape was still on.

Keeping these countless problems and consumer needs in mind, the ingenious innovation of KLAPiT SUPER TAPE took place. strongest double sided tape, heavy duty double sided tape, best double sided tape, mounting tape, super tape, klapit super tapeKLAPiT SUPER TAPE is a clear and strong heavy-duty mounting tape that uses the enhanced Nano-technology. This innovative technology gives the double-sided tape supernatural features, thus the name “SUPER TAPE.” 


double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
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The Enhanced Nanotechnology in KLAPiT SUPER TAPE

The enhanced Nanotechnology in adhesives consists of arrays of carbon nanotubes that transfer onto a backing material of flexible polymer tape. They mimic the nanostructures found on a gecko’s toes, allowing the adhesive to become powerful, dry, reusable, and self-cleaning.

Gecko, Adhesion, how does gecko stick to the wall, lizard
Gecko, the small lizards found in warm climates throughout the world. Setae and Spatulae in their toes allow them to hang vertically on any non-porous surface.

The powerful interaction between Gecko’s feet and the climbing surface is the reason why the reptile is famed extraordinary ability to scale walls, run across ceilings, and even hang upside down from apparently smooth materials like glass. Many microscopic hair, or setae, on the Gecko’s feet, allow it to increase the Van der Waals forces (distance-dependent attraction between atoms or molecules) between feet and the climbing surface.

Gecko adhesion, how Lizards stick to the wall, Setae, Spatulae
Illustrating what the setae and spatulae are and where they can be found on a gecko’s body.

Geckos can stick to surfaces because their rotund toes have hundreds of these tiny microscopic hairs, setae.

Each seta splits off into hundreds of even smaller bristles called spatulae. These tufts of microscopic hairs get so close to the contours in walls and ceilings that the Van der Waals attraction becomes apparent. This type of physical bond occurs when electrons from the gecko hair molecules and electrons from the wall molecules interact and create an electromagnetic attraction.

Van der Waals force - The nature's Innovation

Unlike ionic and covenant bonds, Van der Waals forces are relatively weak, making them more exposed to disturbance. As a result, Van der Waals forces quickly vanish at greater distances between the interacting molecules. The force results from an ephemeral transformation in electron density. Essentially, the electron density might temporarily shift considerably to one side of the nucleus. This shift generates a transitory charge to which a nearby atom can be either attracted or repelled. When the interatomic distance of two atoms is more than 0.6 nanometers, the force is not strong enough to be observed. (Read: Factors affecting adhesion) Similarly, if the interatomic distance is below 0.4 nanometers, the force would become repulsive.

How Gecko moves, How lizard moves on the wall
How a Gecko can attach and detach from any surface by placing or lifting its toes, altering the distance between the spatulae and the surface to activate/deactivate the Van der Waals force.

This fascinating reptile creates Van der Waals force by making contact with the surface of materials using their spatulas. Thus, the greater the number of spatulas, the greater the surface area. Spatulas have sharp edges that bend on the application of stress at a specific angle, creating more contact with the surface to climb on them vertically. Consequently, Geckos have no challenge or difficulty mastering vertical walls while giving them the ability to adhere to just about any surface. (Additional Read: Climbing with Adhesion)


Using Nature's Innovation in double-sided tape

How Geckos climb, how lizard climb the wall
The sizes of the setae, spatulae, and other parts of the body that are essential in allowing the gecko to climb vertically.

Researchers studied this intriguing mechanism present in nature and developed carbon nanotubes ten times more effective than the lizard’s feet and can adhere to various surfaces. The adhesive consists of arrays of these carbon nanotubes, called synthetic setae. These carbon nanotubes mimic the function of setae– that is present on the bottom surface of the Gecko’s feet. Nano adhesives mimic these structures with carbon nanotube bundles, simulating setae and individual nanotubes, simulating spatulas, achieving macroscopic shear adhesion, and translating the weak van der Waals interactions into great, shear forces. The shear adhesion allows the tape to easily peel off in the manner a gecko lifts its foot, and since the carbon nanotube arrays leave no residue on the substrate, the tape is sticky even after usage.

Carbon Nanotubes, Nano tubes, Nano-Tubes, Carbon Nano Tubes, Nano Technology
How carbon nanotubes mimic the Gecko’s biomechanics in creating Van der Waals force with a vertical surface.

The Multifunctional KLAPiT SUPER TAPE

double sided tape, mats, fix mats, how to fix bathroom mat
Use KLAPiT SUPER TAPE for fixing bathroom mats, door mats, rugs, and more to avoid slippage

KLAPiT SUPER TAPE would thereby allow people to add this intriguing power of carbon nanotubes to their walls. Since the biomechanics of geckos inspires this double-sided tape, it can adhere to almost any smooth, clean and non-porous surface. It is highly compatible with surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, glass, brick, ceramic, stone, and many more! This heavy-duty double-sided tape’s powerful, transparent bond can easily hold items such as photo frames, carpets, doormats, rugs, key and pen holders, power cords, kitchen tools, and many other home and office accessories. All in all, this double-sided tape’s innovative features allow the user to pretty much hang, install or fix anything anywhere, making it a vastly superior proposition to traditional mounting tapes, picture hanging strips, and hooks.

hang hooks, mount hooks, mount utilities
Install daily utilities with ease.

The arrays of super-aligned carbon nanotubes in KLAPiT SUPER TAPE also instill promising temperature-resistant properties, allowing the tape to sustain its highly-strenuous bond in extreme temperatures, ranging from -10°C to 80°C / 14°F to 180°F.

waterproof tape, heavy duty mounting tape
Nano silica gel gives the picture-hanging strips a non-toxic composition, making the waterproof, and weatherproof mounting tape recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, the usage of nano-silica gel gives the picture-hanging strips a non-toxic composition, making this waterproof and weatherproof mounting tape recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Therefore, now people do not have to look at different solutions for indoors and outdoors; all they need is KLAPiT SUPER TAPE.

Clean Removal No-Residue Double-Sided Tape

Clean Removal, damage-free, damage free, double sided tape, double-sided tape, mounting tape for drywall
KLAPiT SUPER TAPE removes cleanly from all surfaces.

The shear adhesion of the heavy-duty KLAPiT SUPER TAPE allows its users to peel off the KLAPiT SUPER TAPE cleanly and effortlessly. Since the nanotube arrays leave no residue on the substrate, this highly durable double-sided tape can retain its powerful adhesion even after removal. Hence, the clear and strong KLAPiT SUPER TAPE leaves behind no residue on the surface, allowing the user to enjoy damage-free usage. People do not need to bridle their creativity with the fear of damaging their precious walls; with KLAPiT SUPER TAPE, the walls are incredibly safe.

The Heavy-Duty Double-Sided Tape with innovative Clamshell Case packaging

Innovative Packaging
The Reusable Clamshell Case Packaging allows you to store KLAPiT SUPER TAPE for long.

KLAPiT SUPER TAPE is durable and has undergone strict quality control procedures. It is packed in a particular Clamshell Case, allowing the user to store the superstrong double-sided tape for long durations. Additionally, the Clamshell Case also consists of a 10 cm scale, allowing the user to smoothly and effortlessly cut the double-sided tape to any size or length. Moreover, the back of the Clamshell Case instructions uses both visual and textual features to make it easy for the user to comprehend the SOPs. A QR Code has also been provided for users to gain easy access to videos explaining the functionality of this extreme mounting tape.


double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
double-sided tape, mounting tape, heavy duty double-sided tape
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User convenience was the key consideration in the development of this innovation. Thus, KLAPiT SUPER TAPE requires a simple 4 step operating procedure to optimize the power of carbon nanotubes, creating a super strong and everlasting bond with the surface.double sided tape, Mounting TapeBefore using KLAPiT SUPER TAPE, ensure that both the surfaces are flat and dry. Clean both the surfaces before application, making sure that both surfaces are free of dirt.

  1. Cut out the required amount of tape and apply it at the back of the object, allowing for equivalent distribution of weight to keep the object parallel to the wall.
  2. Press the tape firmly against the object to ensure that the carbon nanotubes establish a super strong bond with the object.
  3. Remove the linear from KLAPiT SUPER TAPE and align the object to the desired placement.
  4. Press firmly as KLAPIT SUPER TAPE conforms to the surface, creating a highly durable permanent bond.

Tips to get the best from the Double-Sided Tape

Following these simple steps, you too can add the power of carbon nanotubes to your walls. Also, keep in mind the following tips when using KLAPiT SUPER TAPE.

  • KLAPiT SUPER TAPE must adhere entirely to both surfaces. If any of the two surfaces are uneven, the tape may not hold the object.
  • Do not use the KLAPiT SUPER TAPE on wallpaper or other delicate and non-stick surfaces.
  • We do not advise using KLAPiT SUPER TAPE in compromising places, wherein injury could occur if mounted item fell.
  • Use the 10cm scale printed on the Clamshell Case to help with cutting out the right length of KLAPiT SUPER TAPE.
  • The in-use temperature range is -10°C to 80°C or 14°F to 180°F
  • We recommend using KLAPiT SUPER TAPE on objects less than 5cm or 1.97 inches in depth.
  • To hang a vertical object, place the tape horizontally. If the object is horizontal, place the tape vertically on the object.
  • Also check our blog on common issues in using double-sided tapes

Double Sided Tapes - FAQs

Double-sided tape is a pressure-sensitive substrate coated with adhesive on both sides, designed to attach itself to two surfaces on either side of the tape. Its two-side adhesion property helps its users stick two objects together with the invisible layer of the double-sided tape between them.

A double-sided tape has an adhesive layer and a carrier material. The chemical used in the adhesive layer determines how safe is the double-sided tape for walls. The double-sided tapes developed using Nanotechnology use concentrated Van der Waals forces instead of a chemical bond. Therefore, nano tapes such as KLAPiT SUPER TAPE are entirely safe for the walls.

The removability of a double-sided tape depends on the adhesive strength of the adhesive layer and the cohesive strength of the carrier substrate. Adhesives used in PET double-sided tapes are usually removable. However, if the substrate material is tissue or foam, the substrate may break while the user tries to remove the double-sided tape. Therefore, it may be difficult to remove such double-sided tapes. KLAPiT SUPER TAPE uses a strong PET substrate that makes it easy for users to peel it from any surface.

The waterproof property in double-sided tapes depends on two factors

  1. A waterproof property of the carrier substrate
  2. Strength of the bond with the surface

PET is a waterproof material, while foam and tissue are not waterproof. Therefore, PET-based double-sided tapes resist water penetration compared to foam or tissue-based tapes.

The strength of the bond is also an important variable that affects the resistance of a double-sided tape against water. A high concentration of carbon nanotubes in KLAPiT SUPER TAPE enhances its strength and improves its resistance to water penetration, making it completely waterproof.

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