About Kosmosmith

We are an Innovation led consumer goods company based in Dubai. We believe that everyone is an artist who can create a beautiful world. We intend to consistently develop and market products that everyone can use to explore their creativity and design their homes and workplaces. KLAPiT is our first product that helps its users hang pictures, paintings, clocks, shelves, etc., on walls without drilling holes in them. After its successful launch in UAE, KLAPiT is now available in Canada, the US, and the UK.
Our headquarters in Dubai gives us the unique advantage of being close to a global society, understanding international developments, experience the latest technologies, and leverage production hubs in Asia.


Technology has enabled us to explore the whole world on a 6-inch screen-a Mobile phone. People capture over a trillion images every year across the globe. An average person clicks over 1000 pictures every year. There are thousands of invaluable memories that each person stores on the 6-inch screen and the web. You can live these thousands of memories every day by printing your pictures and creating gallery walls in your homes and offices.
There are excellent pictures, words of the wise men, and pieces of art created by great artisans and philosophers. These artifacts can make your homes and workplaces beautiful and inspiring. Such artifacts are inseparable parts of your lives and an expression of your values and culture.
To help our consumers suspend various pictures and artifacts on the walls, we developed KLAPiT, a steel tape assembly with the super robust NED Magnet. We have a few more products under development that we plan to launch to come, which will support our purpose.


Most people like to design their walls by hanging pictures and other art materials. Therefore, they have to drill holes in the walls to fix screws. While there has been a considerable amount of technological development in drilling machines, using screws has remained the primary mode of hanging pictures. Despite these developments, drilling is a specialized job, and most people avoid doing it. Moreover, drilling generates dust and creates permanent holes in the walls; and other wooden and metal surfaces. While drilling holes in tiles in bathrooms and kitchens is extremely tough, an average person can’t hone a hole in glass and acrylic surfaces. These challenges restrict them from designing their walls, windows, bathrooms, cupboards, doors, desks, etc.
We studied various adhesive tapes available in the market for damage-free hanging. Several challenges with such damage-free hanging adhesives make them weak compared to the traditional screw. In our pursuit to develop a better replacement of a screw, we created an innovative mechanism for hanging pictures and different other objects on the wall called KLAPiT.