DIY Project – Butterfly Freedom

DIY Project - Butterfly Freedom. Do it yourself project

“Butterfly Freedom” is a simple DIY project. This artwork portrays a woman inside the window freeing pink butterflies into the air. The dark pink color of the butterflies represents energy. Also, the 3D effect creates an impression of butterflies leaving the window, crossing the dark boundaries of captivity and flying into the bright and free sky. You can create this artwork in the size that fits your wall. Also, we encourage you to add more creativity with the colors of the butterflies. You can hang “Freedom of. The butterflies” wall décor using 2 pcs of KLAPiT Picture Hanging Strips.

Design your walls with KLAPiT Picture Hangers

Attach KLAPiTs on the rear at an early stage, before you develop the 3D front. You will need 4pcs of KLAPiT to decorate your walls with ‘Butterfly Freedom’. Watch the video below and follow the instructions to make it yourself at home. Moreover, you can check the material list and click on the products to purchase the DIY project items online in UAE.

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