‘Baby Steps’ wall shelf – DIY Project

‘Baby Steps’ wall shelf is a creative addition for your home near the entrance. The rectangular strips decorated with colorful liner produce a bridge effect. Additionally, the rising steps pattern of the shelf enhances the bridge effect. The brown and white color combination used in the décor will gel well with most of the doors, … Read more

‘Windmill’ Shelf for your study – DIY Project

Little things such as small plants, photo frames, books, clay pots and toys inspire learning and enhance your imagination. Adding these to your study or office will invigorate thoughts and broaden your perspective. Create this ‘Windmill’ shelf that has two open open shelf areas and a box shelf with remote controlled focus lamp. This project … Read more

Lunar Axis – DIY Project

Lunar axis is the portrayal of a brilliant imagination of an artist. The crescent of the moon is crossing the north and the south pole of the planet. This gives an impression of moon holding the earth while the later rotates on this Lunar axis. There is a little shelf between the moon and the … Read more

Decorative S-Shaped Shelf – DIY Project

This innovative design of the Decorative S-shaped shelf will provide a  very premium look to your room. Also, there are remote-controlled lights in front of the reflective rectangular panel. These will enhance the beauty of the small vases,crystals,  caricature artwork, travel collectibles, trophies etc. Moreover, you can hang this decorative shelf without using drill or … Read more

Decorative Shelves – DIY Project

With the improvisation in all wall design elements, shelves also need to be redesigned. Therefore, we recommend you create these beautiful decorative shelves for your walls. In these shelves you will have a combination of black and yellow color together with the eyelets on each shelf giving a unique character to the shelves. These decorative … Read more