“Samurai Light” Ceiling Light

Even amidst a storm the Samurai stands strong, completely in control. Staying calm at the face of danger requires wisdom, not strength. Like a Samurai, you should understand that you create your own destiny. To be courageous, you must push past your fears and take control of your life. Be a Samurai, do what must … Read more

“Cloud of Charm” Ceiling Light

Every cloud has a silver lining. Without dark clouds, we would not understand the joy of sunshine. Bad moments shape us more the good ones, and that is the charm of life. Because learning from pain is what makes us stronger! Dark clouds pour harsh rain but with it comes the charm of life, the … Read more

“Bicycle of Joy” Wall Art

There is nothing like the joy of riding a bicycle. But if you are afraid to fall, will never ride. The soft wind touches your skin as you realize the magnificence of life as the wheels turn. True joy and courage come from this realization of the amazing gift of life. Take some time to … Read more

“Butterfly Beauty” Wall Art

Beauty is not about the surface; it is what comes from the center of your energy – the soul. Fueled by your happiness and confidence, beauty is a truth that few believe lies within every person. Strengthen your confidence and reinforce your belief in beauty. Make the “Butterfly Beauty” Wall Art to remember that you … Read more

“Raining Blossom” Wall Art

In the rain I see who you are. Do you get wet or do you feel the rain? Do you wait for the storm to pass or learn to dance when its raining? Let the pouring water wash away your pain and bring in a new scent, a softer touch to your hardened days; because … Read more

“Sparkling Drum” Desk Lamp

Drummers never stop pounding, throughout the song making the beat to which everyone plays. And we are all drummers, who keep pushing and fighting to be our best versions. You will discover that life follows a rhythm and we hold the drum. Thus, let the lights in the “Sparkling Drum” desk lamp represent your will … Read more

“Blossoming Life” Lotus Lamp

Out of the mud of your fears, struggles, pain, and confusion; the lotus flower of your inner heart will spontaneously grow. Hidden deep within its core, a lotus shows the potential to bloom in muddy waters. In the toughest of situations, we have the seed of potential, deep within our hearts waiting to blossom. Pursue … Read more

“Tradition Lights” Wall Lamp

Attitude, not tradition, obstructs innovation. At the core of every tradition is a meaningful experience; it exists not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame. Innovate, inspire, and cause a change because a tradition is kept alive only by something being added to it. Move forward but remember your traditions and know … Read more

“Goldmine” Modern Art

Your emotions are like rocks, providing pressure to your thoughts and turning them to gold with time. Thus, the human brain is a goldmine fueled by your emotions; use it wisely and the golden thoughts will make you the richest person alive. Express your emotions and remember your value with the “Goldmine” Modern Art. Watch … Read more

“Lantern of Growth” Pendant Lamp

The butterfly said to the Sun, “They can’t stop talking about my transformation. I can only do it once in my lifetime. If only they knew, they could do it any time in countless ways.” – Dodinsky. The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle. Ready yourself for the growth that you were … Read more