KLAPiT- Your 21st Century Screw

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KLAPiT® - Your 21st Century Screw

KLAPiT is uniquely designed to suspend objects such as photo frames, paintings, wall-clocks etc, on vertical surfaces like walls without using drills and screws. We have used top quality adhesive that can provide strong adhesion on multiple surfaces such as Walls, Glass, Metal, Wood and Acrylic. The Steel Tapes are carefully designed to balance the force of adhesion on one side and that of Magnetism on the other. The two Steel Tapes are strongly bonded with one of the strongest permanent Magnet, NED®.

KLAPiT gives its users the flexibility (of a screw) to remove and reattach the objects in the same place. Unlike a screw, KLAPiT is simple to use and is damage free.

product specification

KLAPiT is an innovative product to hang pictures, paintings and other products on your walls, desks, windows, tiles, doors and other similar surfaces. It is simple to use and allows you to remove and reattach the pictures to any of these surfaces without drilling or causing any damage to the surface.

KLAPiT is an assembly of two steel tapes with a super strong NED magnet. Each Steel Tape has a High-Bond Adhesive on one side and a special white coating on the other. After cleaning the surfaces of the wall and the product, you need to remove the cover of the adhesives on the two steel tapes and firmly attach one steel tape to the wall and the other to the product that you want to hang. Attach the NED Magnet in the Middle of any of the two steel tapes and then KLAP them together.

Each KLAPiT consists of : 1 Alpha Steel Tape (White Steel tape with an adhesive covered by a liner on one side); 1 Beta Steel Tape (Same as Alpha Steel Tape); 1 NED Magnet
KLAPiT is small and yet very strong. 1 sq inch of KLAPiT can hold a weight of up to 500g


Each KLAPiT can hold up to 500 grams on all the clean surfaces. We understand that you may normally not weigh your loved product before hanging. Therefore, KLAPiT provides a simpler mechanism for you to know if the weight of the product is too heavy for KLAPiT. While hanging the frame, if you feel that the product is slipping on its own (usually producing a slight “click” sound), you will know that the product is too heavy for KLAPiT. You need to then remove the product, attach one more KLAPiT at the horizontal or the vertical far end of the product (and the corresponding place on the wall), and try again. Repeat the above process till you don’t experience the slippage.

With NED you can remove and reattach your product to any prefixed KLAPiT Steel Tape. The NED magnet can be re-used either on the wall or on the product based on your requirement.

Unlike screws, you can suspend a picture frame (which is less than 500g), from the center of the back panel and interchange between horizontal or vertical pictures. Avoid using KLAPiT on wet or slippery surfaces and on surfaces such as paper or cardboard, that can easily peel off due to the weight of the object.

KLAPiT comes in two packaging options of 2pcs and 4pcs. It is always advisable to have an extra KLAPiT, handy to attach, if you experience slippage while hanging the product.

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