Designing Walls inspires people, bonds families

Designing walls of homes and workplaces by hanging pictures, photo frames and art objects not only makes your house beautiful but also inspires people and bonds families. For example, hanging motivational quotes or family photos often allows us to have a positive mindset in this tedious and fast paced life. Moreover, we also hang utility items such clocks, power cords, speakers, tissue holders, key holders and many other items in order to keep our homes and work places organized. This idea of hanging objects on walls complements creative thinking and adorns our environment.

Drilling causes damages spills dirt

However, hanging these objects in our homes and offices causes irreparable damages as they require the use of drilling machines and hammering nails. These damages create a havoc in our lives as they not only damage the external parts of the house but also severely affects the internal parts of the house. For example, numerous cases have occurred whereby people have drilled or hammered into electric and water fittings, adversely affecting the water and electricity supplies in their homes. Furthermore, these primitive techniques of drilling and hammering nails, prevents us from hanging objects on surfaces like tiles, glass, metal and acrylic; hence, terminating our desire for designing and beautifying our homes.

Labor can spread contagious viruses

To keep away from these monotonous and laborious jobs, we often invite labor into our homes which is not safe from both health and crime perspectives. This is because laborers often undermine the necessity of staying sanitized from the numerous viruses and diseases present in today’s world. Moreover, since they visit many houses and contact numerous people, they don’t possess the same level of hygiene that we maintain. Hence, they unintentionally end up bringing these viruses and diseases into our homes and lives.

Additionally, since diseases like COVID-19 (coronavirus) are highly transmissible and communicable, we must keep our environment controlled and sanitized. Therefore, we should ensure that there is no physical contact between us and the labor until they are sanitized. This can be done by providing them access to the toilet or passing the hand sanitizers. Moreover, we should provide disposable masks to avoid the spread of the virus due to sneezing or coughing. Precautions like these may sound complicated and insensitive but they must be taken to prevent the spread of these diseases, keeping them away from our close ones. Therefore, we need to avoid external labor for things that external help might not be required for. This includes designing your walls and organizing your workplaces by hanging various objects such as paintings, clocks, speakers, shelves, etc.

KLAPiT– The innovative DIY product for hanging

At Kosmosmith, we have developed a unique product, KLAPiT which allows you to hang photo frames, clocks, paintings, speakers, power strips, tissue holders, pen holders, key holders, remote controls, and absolutely any other object on to various surfaces like walls, tiles, glass, metal, gypsum and acrylic without the need of drilling machines and external help. This would not only keep your walls free and make the process damage free but also prevent you from getting contagious viruses due to poor hygiene of others.

KLAPiT is available in UAE, in stores such as Lulu Hypermarket, Danube Home, Allday, Blue Mart, Homesmiths and Speedex near you. You can also shop for KLAPiT online at,

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