KLAPiT is an assembly of two Steel Tapes and a Super Strong NED Magnet. Although the two Steel Tapes are identical and can be used interchangeably, the steel tape on the wall is referred to as “Alpha Steel Tape” and the steel tape on the product is referred to as “Beta Steel Tape”.

The Steel Tapes attach firmly to the surface of a wall and of a product. These surfaces should be strong enough not to peel or tear. Therefore, we do not recommend using KLAPiT on wallpapers. The Steel Tapes should only be applied on hard and flat surfaces which are free from holes. This will ensure maximum adhesion and, hence, maximum safety of your product.

NED is extremely strong, and it will be difficult for you to simply pull the product from the wall. Excessive pull force can damage your product, or it can disengage any of the Steel Tapes from their surfaces. The best way to detach a product from the wall will be to slide it either in the upward or the downward direction.

If the product is lighter than 500g, you can fix the Beta Steel Tape at the horizontal center of either the top edge or the middle of the product. The Alpha Steel Tape is then applied to the wall at a place where the product is expected to be suspended.

If the product is between 500g and 1Kg, you can fix two Beta Steel Tapes at the horizontal centers, one on the top edge and second on the bottom edge of the product. The corresponding Alpha Steel Tapes are then applied at the respective places on the wall.

If the product is between 1Kg and 2Kg it is advisable to apply 4 Beta Steel Tapes, one at each corner of the product, and the Beta Steel Tapes at the corresponding places on the wall. This will create symmetry and minimize chances of error in suspension.

The Alpha Steel Tape bonds firmly to the surface of the wall. It can be detached from the wall but should not be used again. It is suggested that you retain the Alpha Steel Tape on the wall and use it for suspending an alternate product.

NED is a permanent magnet and, if used carefully, can be used forever. However, remember that magnets are brittle and can break on a strong and sudden impact. All the parts of a broken magnet retain magnetic properties. If broken, please remove the magnet and store it in a safe place.

The magnetic field transmitted through the steel tapes is too weak to cause any damage to any electronic gadget. Therefore, KLAPiT is safe to be used near any electronic equipment. It is advisable to keep an isolated NED away from electronic equipment.

For best results:

  1. Always clean both the surfaces before applying Alpha and Beta Steel Tapes.
  2. Press Alpha and Beta firmly pressing them by both thumbs simultaneously and by your palm.
  3. Although Alpha and Beta can immediately be used after their application, you will get the best results if you start using them 72 hours after their installation. This is particularly recommended for hanging Shelves, Speakers, Clocks, etc.
  4. Always remove product from the wall by sliding it. 

KLAPiT can be used on various surfaces such as Walls, Gypsum, Glass, Metal and Tiles. It is important to understand that the surface should be hard and flat so the adhesive is equally spread. Also, surfaces such as wallpaper weakly attach to the walls and can tear under excessive pressure due to the weight of the object. Please do not use KLAPiT on curvy surfaces such as raw wood and bouncy surfaces.